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How do i know what size to choose?

If you are unsure about which size is best, we would recommend measuring your waist and bust to see which size will be the best fit for you. 

Our sizing guide on our website can be used as a guide which uses the average measurements for each size. 

We stock a variety of clothes from different suppliers so the garments will not be exact to the size guide. 

The measurements we include of specific items in their product description are flat lay measurements which have been taken from the garment lied flat, then measured across the top of the item, so if you are unsure of your exact size or usually in between a few different sizes. 

Essentially this is half of the entire garment - simply double the measurement provided to equal the approximate overall measurement 🤗 

Please kindly note that for garments that are shirred or have an elasticized waist, the flat lay measurements are smaller than usual as the fabric itself is gathered but provides more stretch. 

If you would like to send through your measurements and any specific styles you had your eye on, we would be more than happy to help you make a judgement on size!

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